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Distant Whistle

Our official stance on Covid-19:

Our official stance on Covid-19:

We like to keep our tap room and service areas relatively clean. That being said, regarding COVID-19, we will be increasing our cleanliness procedures throughout the day.

We have spray surface sanitizing solution behind the bar to use on our taps and glass rinsing sprayer. We also have copious amounts of disinfectant spray that we will regularly be using on door handles, bar and table tops, faucets, and other commonly touched surfaces.

If you feel sick, stay home and rest up. Your health is more important to us than sales are. We will also be making sure that our staff will be staying home if they feel sick as well.

We appreciate all of our customers and employees, and will hopefully not have anyone experience effects of COVID-19. We'll get through this and hopefully all will be fine. (Plus you'll know that the taproom is super clean…)